Princeton Jr./Sr. High School Bulletin


Students: FFA Meeting during lunch today April 17th at 12:05pm in the career resource center.

Juniors:  MANDATORY Junior meeting, Thursday, April 12th during lunch in Johnson’s classroom.

Students: Yearbooks for sale $35, please see Mrs. Herniman.

Students Glenn Adult Ed. SEMESTER ENDS MAY 9th. All assignments have to be turned in to Glenn Adult Education on or before May 9th. Seniors working on credits for graduation will need to be sure all credits are completed/earned by the May 9th Deadline. SPRING BREAK class schedule - students will need to talk to Glenn Adult Ed Teacher for appointment times

Sophomores: Wednesday 04/11 the Sophomore class will be taking the PSAT Test in the Counseling center starting at 8:25 am. 1st period go for attendance first then come to the counseling center.

Attention Students:  Princeton ASB is now accepting applications for 2018/19 Officer positions.  Please see Mr. Odom for a petition to run for office.


1.      Have a sincere and genuine interest in being part of a LEADERSHIP TEAM.

2.      Have a minimum of a 2.75 GPA with no D’s or F’s.

3.      Be able to lead by example.

4.      Be familiar with the constitution and by-laws.

5.      Accept responsibility without complaint.

Juniors: Applications to participate in the 2018 Miss Colusa County Pageant are now being accepted! Contestant must be between the age of 16 and in 11th grade, applications are due no later than April 12. For further information please contact the Colusa County Fairgrounds at 458-2641 or visit

Students: Applications to participate in the 2018 Miss and  Mr. Cinderfella Pageant are now being accepted! Applications are due no later than April 23. For further information please contact the Colusa County Fairgrounds at 458-2641 or visit Application forms are also available in the office.

Students: the Stonyford Rodeo Queen Contest is open to all Females ages 14-25. Entries close April 29. Entry forms located in office.

Students ages 15+ Summer Job: Youth Conservation Corps has full-time summer jobs for 8 weeks (40 hours per week at $11.00 per hour). Must possess Social Security number and Work Permit (see Yecenia for work permit) .Need your own transportation for work to Sacramento NWR headquarters (7 miles south of Willows). Applications are available in the office For more information call (530) 934-2801.

Sophomores and Juniors: the Chicano Latino Leadership Project is offering a Statewide Conference July 21-28 at Sacramento State University FREE. Application deadline is April 11 (online application available at or paper copy available in office)

Seniors attending a UC: as part of your admissions you may receive a LETTER from your UC re: UC administering the AWPE Saturday May 12th as part of your admissions requirement. Keep checking your MAILBOX. See Ms. Robinson for further information.

April 10 - Seniors: Omega Nu Scholarship deadline to apply Tuesday April 10th. Eligibility 2.5 GPA. See Ms. Robinson for application form.

April 15 - Seniors: Glenn County Fire Chief’s Association Scholarship $1,500 to graduating seniors of a Glenn County high school or who reside in a fire district that serves part of Glenn County. Eligibility: if you are planning a career in fire service, emergency medicine or law enforcement. See Ms. Robinson for application.

May 1 -Seniors: Paradise Horsemen’s Association Agricultural Studies $500 Scholarship information and application is available at Deadline May 1, 2018.

May 4 -Seniors - Colusa County Deputy $1,000 Scholarship: 2.5 GPA future in college/university degree in Criminal Justice Field. Deadline May 4. Application forms see Ms. Robinson.


Upcoming Events:

April 13

BB vs. ACA (DH) @ Princeton 2pm

Release time: 11:50 am

April 13

SB vs. Westwood (DH) @ Princeton 2pm

Release time: 11:50 am

April 16

BB vs. Greenville @ Greenville 2pm

Release time: 10 am

April 16

SB vs. Dunsmuir (DH) @ Dunsmuir 2pm

Release time: 10:00 am

April 19

BB/SB vs. Big Valley (DH) @ Princeton @ 2pm

Release time: 11:50 am

April 27

BB/SB vs. Happy Camp @ Happy Camp @ 2pm

Release time: 8 am