Bus Routes & Procedures



Butte City Bus RouteColusa Bus RouteWillows Bus Route

Butte City Bus Route (Late Start)Colusa Bus Route (Late Start)Willows Bus Route (Late Start)

Butte City Bus Route (Minimum Day)Colusa Bus Route (Minimum Day)Willows Bus Route (Minimum Day)

School Bus Rules and Procedures

Waiting at the Bus Stop

Make sure to arrive at the bus stop a few minutes earlier than the pick-up time. When you arrive, be sure to wait on the sidewalk, or if no sidewalk is available, wait away from the edge of the roadway. While waiting for the bus to arrive, respect other people's property and do not engage in horseplay, pushing or shoving. If the bus does not arrive at the normal pick-up time, do not leave immediately, unless you need to.  Be patient and wait for a short while before leaving the stop. Buses, like other vehicles, get caught in traffic and sometimes run late.  However, you can be sure that a school bus will come by the assigned stop to pick up students.

Boarding the Bus

As the bus pulls up to the stop, make sure you are in a single file line at least 12 feet away. Do not approach the bus until the driver brings the bus to a complete stop, sets the brakes and opens the door. If you are late to the bus stop and on the opposite side of the street, wait for the driver to get out and escort you across the street. If you drop something while boarding and it falls under the bus, or in front of or behind the bus, DO NOT GO AFTER IT. TELL THE BUS DRIVER IMMEDIATELY and he/she will turn off the engine and assist you in retrieving the item. Once you board the bus, quickly find a seat and sit down. Make sure to keep all of your belongings either on the floor at your feet or in your lap. Move over close to the window so that someone else may sit down in the seat next to you. Do not save seats or otherwise block the seat from someone else.

Riding the Bus

Riding the bus is a privilege. While you are riding, you should talk quietly with your neighbor. Do not yell, scream or create any other type of distraction to the driver. When the bus approaches a railroad track, stop talking and wait quietly until the bus is across the railroad tracks. If you are harassed, bullied or in any way bothered while on the bus, make sure to tell the driver immediately. If you are afraid to tell the driver, then talk to a parent or teacher and they can call the transportation department to report the situation.

Exiting the Bus

As the bus approaches your bus stop or school, make sure you gather all of your belongings. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop, the driver has set the brakes and the front door is open. Then quickly stand up and without pushing or shoving, walk down the aisle way to exit the bus.  Make sure that there are no loose strings (drawstrings, shoe laces, etc.) hanging from your clothes. These could be caught in the step well as you exit the bus. As soon as you exit the bus, immediately walk away from the bus unless you have to cross the street where the bus is stopped. If you must cross the street, be sure to wait for the driver to get off the bus, at which time he/she will use a handheld stop sign to help safely escort you across the street. All drivers in the Oceanside Unified School District are required to escort you across the street regardless of your grade or age.  Once the driver tells you it is safe to cross the street, you must cross between the front of the bus and the bus driver. NEVER walk to the back of the bus and then cross the street.

Late Bus Routes:

Late Colusa Route
  • Departs Princeton at 5:30pm
  • Arrives Colusa, 1031 Bridge St. 5:50pm
Late Willows Route
  • Departs Princeton 5:30pm
  • Arrives Willows, 100 North Tehema 5:55pm