Princeton Elementary - School Information

Princeton Elementary School was built in 1973. The teaching staff has been stable, with few changes in many years. The majority of the staff lives within the town limits. There are six classroom teachers that include a Resource Specialist Program (RSP), an extended kindergarten teacher, and a Title I English Language Development (ELD) teacher. This year’s K-6 enrollment is 105 students. Our Schoolwide Categorical funds provide support services for our students in math and language arts.

The economy of the area is primarily agriculture, with the principal crops being rice, walnuts, row crops, and almonds. Housing is difficult to locate in the area, and many families live on large farms. Some of the homes in Princeton have absentee owners and are occupied during the duck-hunting season. About 80% of the students are bused in from the outlying area, with some students on the bus for about an hour. A significant amount of our student population is composed of English Language Learners (ELL), several of whom are students of migrant parents or parents that experience some mobility during the academic school year. Fortunately, in our area, these students are able to attend Princeton School for most of the year.

There is a small core of parents that provide parental leadership and are involved in the School Site Council (SSC), small group instructional support, fund-raising, field trips, and volunteering. One of the primary goals for the staff is to continue to include and encourage more parents to be involved in their child’s education. We have bilingual classified staff that work closely with staff and parents to inform and include all parents in our school family. We have many social functions where teachers, students, and parents can interact and exchange ideas for assisting our students. Migrant Education provides some instructional support to our school year and Summer Academy.