Student Study Team

Princeton Joint Unified School District is dedicated to providing students with the academic skills necessary for success. Parents and/or school staff may request a Student Study Team (SST) Meeting to discuss: a Student’s Strengths (tools for success), Areas of Academic Concerns, Current Educational Interventions being implemented, and to Academic Intervention Plan Strategies designed to target the student’s unique educational needs.

Student Study Team (SST) Meetings are coordinated through the Dean of Students and consist of: Student, Parent(s)/Guardians, Student’s Teachers, School Administration and Dean of Students. An invitation to attend the SST Meeting is extended to the School Psychologist and/or special education designee if a referral for Special Education Services is being considered. In addition, the District Speech Therapist may be invited to the SST Meeting if a referral to speech therapy is in consideration. If you are interested in discussing and/or scheduling a SST Meeting, please contact the Dean of Students, Nate Odom, at