College Entrance Exams - ACT & SAT


ACT: This test is used for College Readiness Assessment and tests Benchmarks for Reading & Science.

  • 1st week November is the “PLAN,” a shorter version of the ACT designed for 10th Graders, to  practice taking the ACT and get early skills & Vocational information Fee Waiver Requirements
  • ACT offering FREE test prep "ACT Online Prep Program" study materials for students who qualify for a Fee Waiver

PSAT: Shorter version of SAT designated for 10-11th graders. Practice taking College Admissions Test:   

  • 2nd week in October

  • Get personalized SAT Study Plan

  • Explore College Majors & Careers

  • Learn about Scholarship Programs

  • Take a Personality Test

  • See which AP courses are needed in college

  • Must take PSAT in 11th grade as requirement IF APPLYING for NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP

  • 3 hours, 45 minutes in Writing, Critical reading & Math

SAT: (Scholarship Assessment Test Tests the academic skills and knowledge of what is learned in school. It helps colleges understand how a student thinks, solve problems and communicate.

  • Fee Waiver requirements – waiver valid until August 31st of following year (annually). See your PHS Academic Counselor for Fee Waiver.

  • Multiple Testing Dates Offered both Fall & Spring Semester – See Web site for specific Testing Dates/times. On-line or hard copy registration available. See your Counselor for additional information or brochures.

  • TESTS/Measures:

    • Critical Reading: sentence completion and passage-based reading questions 

    • MATH:  multiple choice & student produced response

    • WRITING- written essay and multiple-choice