SOAR After School Program

SOAR: Student Outreach, Academics, and Resources - (530) 439-2333

Program Leads: Sandy Houtman & Holly Irish

Program Aide: Sharon Hribernick

The After School Program at Princeton Elementary School is known as SOAR. SOAR stands for Student Outreach, Academics, and Resources. SOAR is available to kindergarten through sixth grade students at Princeton Elementary School. The program begins at the close of each regular school day and runs until 6:00 p.m.
SOAR is designed to provide a safe, engaging, and fun environment for students, and to motivate and inspire learning outside the regular school day. The program provides:

  • academics
  • enrichment
  • homework assistance
  • recreation
  • social skill development
  • prevention activities
  • youth development
  • nutritious snacks

Recent local evaluations indicate that students involved in the after school program:

  • demonstrate positive attitudes toward school, enhanced self-concept, and increased educational aspirations
  • show improved social skills and behavior as well as reduced disciplinary incidents suspensions at school
  • demonstrate an increase in standardized test scores
  • have an increase in regular school day attendance, which leads to improved academic
  • achievement
  • show large improvements in achievement among the most high-risk students

SOAR programs are largely funded by federal and state grants.

Program Q&A

Here are questions and answers about the SOAR program for parents, guardians, and other interested persons.    

Who can attend SOAR?   
Enrollment in SOAR is open to all kindergarten through sixth grade students at Princeton Elementary School, provided that the program can meet the needs of the child. Enrollment is limited to a certain number of students, students are not accepted on a first-come first-served basis. If enrollment exceeds capacity, a waiting list will be available.    

What kinds of activities are offered to SOAR students?    

  • Academics: Homework help, tutoring in reading and math, academic games and activities.
  • Enrichment: Hands-on learning in science,  prevention activities, field trips, guest speakers, theme areas, clubs, arts & crafts, music, drama, cooking, karate, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and more.
  • Recreation: Physical and recreational activities, basketball, soccer, freeze tag and freeze football, and free play on play ground.
  • Afternoon snack: A nutritious snack is provided for each SPARK session.
  • Service learning/community service: Special events for senior citizens, special school projects, and youth development.
  • Special events: There will be a variety of special events at the sites. Click here to find out about special events at your school site.

When does the program operate? 
SOAR operates each day that school is in session.
On regular and minimum days, the program begins when classes are dismissed—the doors close at 6:00 p.m.

Are there attendance requirements?   
Enrolled students should attend all scheduled SOAR sessions for the full time, unless students are excused. A “Monthly Attendance Sheet” will be kept on all children who attend the program. Each child is required to be signed in and out each day by the parent or other authorized person. To report an absence, call the school site at (530) 439-2501.    

Who provides transportation?
Transportation to and from the SOAR program site is the responsiblity of parents/guardians, however, we do have a late bus route to Colusa and Willows. Please ask staff members if your child will be riding the late bus.

Who is on the SOAR staff?    
The program hires trained certified and classified staff who meets program requirements. The staff is trained to meet children’s social and emotional needs. They follow strict guidelines to follow a high-quality program and to ensure children’s health and safety.

Can parents become involved in SOAR?    
Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and high school relatives are strongly encouraged to observe, visit, and participate as a volunteer in the program. If you have special talents or are willing to have a student read to you or can help with homework or other activities, please let the SPARK staff know.

Where can I get more information about SOAR?   
Parent Handbooks explain about the SOAR program:

2019-2020 SOAR Handbook - English

2019-2020 SOAR Handbook - Spanish

How do I sign a student up for SOAR?    
An application must be on file at Princeton Elementary School before a student attends the SOAR program. The SOAR application can be found here:

2019-2020 SOAR Application - English

2019-2020 SOAR Application - Spanish

What does it cost?     
Due to budget cuts from the State and Federal government, the SOAR program will be charging the following yearly fee: $50 enrollment fee per child or $100 per family. Fee waiver is avaliable here:

2019-2020 SOAR Fee Waiver - English

2019-2020 SOAR Fee Waiver - Spanish